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Help me diagnose the issue

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I have an Hitachi TV and a Toshiba Blu-Ray Player. When I connect them with an HDMI cable, into either HDMI port (HDMI1 or HDMI2), a pop-up reading "Not Supported" emerges for a millisecond before the Blu-ray screen comes up and vanishes within about five seconds. Then you can here the blu-ray player running, but nothing happens.

What could the problem be? Perhaps they aren't compatible? How can I fix this problem?

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Please post the model numbers of your TV and blu ray player.
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Sure thing.

The Hitachi TV is an HDTV Model: LE29H306 and the Toshiba Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player is a BDX3300.
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I assume you have tried other source components (cable box etc) that can output an HD signal? If so, does the TV have any issues showing 720p or 1080i (or p) signals on your TV?

First, try a different video cable.

Another option I would try is to set the player's resolution output to match your TV's native resolution of 720p. Try that and report back.

Lastly, do you have another TV you can test the player on the second set? If not, I would suggest taking the player over to a friend or neighbor's house and test it on their HD set.

As you can see I am trying to elimate which unit is causing the issues.
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The other TV works fine, watching 2010: The Year We Make Contact as I write this. Weird.
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It appears it's a TV issue. I can move this thread to LCD forum if you would like?
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