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Sonos or AirPlay devices?

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I am considering a Sonos or possibly a Pioneer 5 Driver device for my home to stream music throughout the house. I have and use nothing but Apple computers (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV) and they all work great together. The Sonos doesn't have AirPlay so it wouldn't be able to stream to my AppleTV and it would not be able to stream my music on the cloud tunes because the content has to be localized.

Can someone confirm it have have multiple AirPlay devices I can stream to multiple devices at once...possibly from different manufacturers? The Sonos is nice it just "appears" to be a proprietary device that would do what I want, it would be nice if it played well with AirPlay devices.

Or should I just get some Apple Airports for $99 and add speakers or a device with optical inputs? Thoughts?
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Airplay from iphone ipod or ipad can only be sent to one airplay source at a time (airport express , appletv etc) you can airplay from a computer to multiple airplay sources.

the newest firmware on sonos allows you to stream music from the device your controling it from (iphone ipad.) not quite airplay but close.
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You can only stream to multiple Airplay devices from a computer running iTunes. iOS devices can only stream to one. It works well except when I want to stream Pandora or something to multiple rooms.
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