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paradigm soundtrack

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has anyone had the opportunity to hear this sound bar yet? it just became available and I have been trying to find some real world info. just had a BA tvee30 installed and have the option to swap to something else if not satisfied. really like the fact that the paradigm has 4.5 in drivers. thanks for any info provided.
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This is going to sound odd, but I just brought home the Paradigm Soundtrack and the Boston Accoustics TVee30. I made the deal with the option of trying both in my home with my tv and returning the one I don't want. I am excited to try them both. There would be a cost savings of approx $200 with the BA, but I have always been a Paradigm fan. I will try to report back within the week. I do know the BA has Bluetooth to play music via other sources while the Paradigm will require an adapter. Please let me know if you hear any other thoughts.
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As an FYI, ended up returning the Tvee 30 and bought the Klipsch SB 3. The BA just was too anemic with regards to base. The 10" sub with the Klipsch makes a big difference. Also, regarding the Paradigm Soundtrack, spoke to the local AV shop and the guy I usually work with said that they listened to the Paradigm at CEDIA and decided to not carry it at their store. As with any speakers to each their own.
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I haven't completed my home testing yet as I just got them both unpacked. However, as much as it pains me to say, the BA is sounding a little better out of the box than the Paradigm does. I am disappointed as I have been waiting for and expecting great thing out of Paradigm. I may need to return the Paradigm and bring home a Klipsch SB3. I may try the Bose 1 SR as well but I don't know if I want to stomach the high price tag.
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I have heard the 1SR and was impressed, given my usual disdain for Bose products. Like you, I thought the price was just too much. Does it sound better than the SB3, maybe in some ways, but not twice as good. Let me know what you end up with, good luck.
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I work for a shop that has been carrying the Soundtrack for a couple weeks, I've got to say I was expecting a little more. The highs are crisp and bright and the lows are sufficient, but overall there is a lack in the midbass and a bit of a hollow sound at high volumes. Their Melina 2.1 (i think that was their name, I was pretty busy that day) sounded great when the Rep came and demoed them last, and I believe they were in the. $600 range. The soundtrack at $800 just didn't impress me.

It sounds good, just not $800 good IMO.
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I think you are referring to their Millenia and Millenia CT 2.1 system. I listened to the CT version and was very impressed, the form factor just didn't work for our application and I believe the CT version is around $1100.
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We got our Soundtrack units in a couple weeks ago, too. I think it sounds good. Borderline very good. Were we all hyped about getting the Paradigm bar to sell as our go-to unit, over the quality, Klipsch SB-3? Yes. Does the Klipsch(as usual) over-emphasize high frequency at the expense of midrange tonality? Yes.(Admittedly, I think the SB-3 sounds more balanced than ANY product from the "Reference"line.) Does the Soundtrack sound(very musical) like a Paradigm speaker? Not as much. Did we feel let down? Yes, a bit. But, in the compromising, stifling world of soundbars, I think the Soundtrack is one of the best options, sub-$1000.
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