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Sharp Aquos LC-42LE540U View Mode Issue (or possible limitation)

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Friends, I've searched high and low for a solution, nay, a mere reference, to my current problem, and I have come up short. I appeal to the experts for guidance.

I just got a Sharp Aquos LC-42LE540U, and I'm using it primarily as a display for my PS3. Everything looked fine and dandy in 1080p, games and movies and whathaveyou, but currently I have a single game (Journey, if anyone's interested) that causes the TV to switch to a 720p mode, and it's squished at a 4:3 aspect ratio.

"View Mode" only offers me the options "Normal" (which is squished) and "Dot by Dot" (which displays the proper aspect ratio, but of course at 720 pixels tall in the center of the screen--massive black border on all sides), and I cannot figure out why I would be missing all of the various Stretch modes that would immediately fix the issue.

A bit of additional info: In order to combat the pronounced input lag that destroys the ability to play games, the TV's HDMI properties had to be set at "Graphic" as opposed to "Video." I believe that this "Graphic" mode is limiting the View Mode options, and removing the opportunity to stretch that 720p over the whole screen. I can, of course, change the setting to "Video," and it does indeed display in the correct aspect ratio and full size, but the lag is unforgivable (by my timecode photo tests, the display lag jumps from about 2/30 of a second in "Graphic" mode all the way to 6/30 of a second in "Video").

Since the TV does display the picture correctly in "Video" mode, I've all but pinpointed the TV as the source of my issue. The PS3 is set up to output 1080p and 720p, as well as 480(or whatever SD is) as a last resort. This particular game, as my research has indicated, is strictly 720p, so when the PS3 outputs 720p it is doing its job correctly. (And as a test, in the ps3 settings limiting the HDMI output to 1080p, starting the game results in a 480(or whatever) staticky and fuzzy image).

My ultimate question is: has anyone else has experienced this, or figured out a workaround? I'm wondering if there's just some option or trick that I'm missing (considering how the Input Terminal Setting>HDMI option that fixed my lag problem eluded me for as long as it did).

Having futzed with this for a while now, it looks like maybe this just isn't the HDTV for gaming output...

Any ideas?
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Video mode takes your 720p portrait ratio input video and up scales it to its 1080p native mode requires quit a bit of processing time which is what is causing the input lag time.
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That makes sense to me, but in my recent experience even 1080p signals (1080p games or the 1080p HDMI signal from my laptop) lag in Video mode. And that is with all of the additional user-controllable video and image processing ticked off in the system settings. So I suppose I just don't understand what is going on with Video mode.

So if I'm understanding correctly, because of the process involved in resizing a 720p image to fill a 1080p display, this Sharp Aquos is just incapable of producing a lag free image for non-1080p games?

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There is no HDTV that does not have any lag. Many TVs have a Game Mode which definitely reduces the lag. Resolution up scaling is just one significant source of lag due to the processing. Game Mode reduces the up scaling processing by reducing the up scaling video quality
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Oh, yes. I absolutely understand that there will always be some lag. I'm just curious to know if anyone has any experience with this specific model, if perhaps I'm missing a key setting someplace that may help my cause. This Aquos has a group of video settings it labels "Game," but in reality all that does is disable the majority of additional processing (motion enhancements and auto brightness controls, etc), and functionally it does little to reduce the input lag (as I've tested).

The only solution I've found to eliminate the lion's share of lag is putting the HDMI processing to "Graphic" mode, which, as I stated above, doesn't seem to allow for even a simple zoom or stretch when dealing with 720p signals. So my query to the court is whether anyone has experience with this specific (or a similar) model TV, whether there's anything I can do as far as 720p gaming is concerned, and whether or not I might ought to be researching alternative televisions for my purposes.
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Hello, I've been experiencing this exact issue with my tv (same model) and was wondering if you ever found a way to resolve the problem?

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