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Need help choosing speakers for music and theater for smallish room

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Hello! I have a 12x12ish room that will be used solely for music and movies. The TV will be on the same wall as two doors, so my options for front speaker placement are limited to the following options:

1. Bookshelves/floorstanding--either side of the TV. Max space between speakers would be about 5 feet. Speakers can be no wider than 10 inches and must sit against the wall.
2. Satellites mounted to the walls/ceiling. If I choose this option, the max height of the speaker can only be 11", the speakers can be any distance apart up to about 12 feet, although one will be in a small recessed corner in the front of the room if placed at the max distance.

While this will be the theater room, having a nice place to listen to music is also really important to me (My music tastes vary from Lounge to Rock, to Pop, to Electronic). So, my questions are:

Do I go with option 1 and get "better" speakers or option 2 and go with a package specifically set up for home theater?
For option 1, are floorstanding speakers overkill for this size room? I will be sitting only about 10 feet away. I would like them to be as shallow as possible so they don't protrude out into the room too much.

What are some good choices for either option. Here is what I was thinking:

My Receiver is an older Onkyo TX SR702 which I love

Option 1: Klipsch RF 42s: These are right at the max width possible for floorstanding speakers for my room, also considering maybe some of the lower-profile polks like the monitor 55t
Option 2: Energy Take 5.1 or Klipsch HD 500, or Mirage Nanosats or Def Tech Procinema (not sure what series), or Polk RM6750
Option 3: Get some good floorstandings (for music) AND a satellite system for theater. This is possible with my receiver.

Unfortunately, where I live there are not very many, if any places to demo speakers, so I have to rely on reviews. I am wide open to ideas that fit within my constraints! My budget is about $1000
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I would spend as much as you can on a nice set of front speakers rather than going for a cheaper 5.1. Have you considered a nice stand-mount speaker rather than floorstanders? Also, do you know if you like the sound of horn tweeters (Klipsch)?
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Is the distance ok for floorstanding speakers? If I get floor standing speakers or bookshelf on stands, the speakers can be at most 5-6 feet apart.
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at 6' you may want to skip a center.

You don't need towers for sound if you are using a subwoofer; but it you are buying stands anyway: that costs may be about the same.

Primus 363 L/R ($250)
Primus 163 RS/LS ($150)
Then buy subs with the remaining $600. Hsu has some nice ones in that price range.

Replace Infinity Primus with the "2" Pioneers if you like. Those are also excellent (or so everyone says).
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Cambridge Audio S30.
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