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I have no idea what I have, advice?

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Hello, I stumbled on this forum trying to research something about surge suppressors, and it looks like everyone here knows lots more than I do.
My Uncle was an electrician and he recently passed away and left a huge amount of electrical stuff I just don't know anything about, but there are 2 huge boxes that look like they go on the outside of a house and i gather they are surge protectors by what is written on them.
I hate to just toss them out since they are brand new condition and even have paperwork still tucked inside, they have no holes drilled in them for any kind of wiring so I guess they are like new condition.
Do you guys think I should run them through ebay or something? I'm female 50+ and I don't know about them so if you know anything about them could you please enlighten me some?
Maybe what to ask for a starting bid? The MCG website is no help as far as pricing. Anybody need these?

Links to images I uploaded:

I'll check back in a few days or you can just email me at varietyvals at gmail.com

Thanks! VaL
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I can not see any of the pictures you posted. My advice would be to take down the anything that looks like a model number and stick that into google. Find out what they are exactly and what they look like brand new. Find out what the retail cost would be and search on ebay to find similar listings. Then you can determine if you wan them or not, or if you want to sell them or not.

Maybe if you stick attach a picture, I would be able to tell you more, but I can't see what you're talking about. Sorry.
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The OP is 3 months old and probably does not belong in this section of the forum. Moderator, please!
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