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Hey guys I am new to 3d. couple of questions. I have a ps3 with the lastest 4.31 update to be used for 3d. I have the sony high speed with eithernet HDMI cable and my LG 47LM7600 tv. My question is im using VUDU to try to stream 3D movies. When I order said 3D movie icon appears sasy 3D on and goes into what looks like a 3D movie with out 3D glasses on. I then put on the glasses to see it still looks like the 3D movie without glasses but a few things are back to normal looking. The background and such other than the main figure in the movie still look without glasses. Wondering what I can be doing wrong? Is VUDU not a good source to stream from? Should I just go buy a 3D Blue ray movie? I can get what ever settings or info you might need. Thank you for looking and your help.