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New HSU STF-2 vs Used VTF-2 MK 3

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Hello folks!

Bare with me but this is my first post but LONG TIME viewer and fan of AVS. Here is my current dilemma: I am moving into a new place with a living room larger than my current Klipsch SUB-10 will fill. The specs on the new place is approx 3,000 to 3,200 cu ft. with high vaulted ceilings. Here is the breakdown of my listening habits: 60/25/15 for movies/games/music respectively. I want a nice tight sounding sub that wont just grumble like my current Klipsch. I am also looking to explore the low low frequencies of home theater like I did with my Digital Designs 9515 in the car audio world. The two subs I have listed can be had for the same price of $375. So which would you choose, a NIB STF-2 or a used VTF-2 MK3?

Also I am new to this so please let me know if I am leaving out any critical info!

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Get the VTF2, it will be a much higher performing subwoofer. The STF2 is really for small rooms. Neither will get you the kind of pressurization that you an get in car audio, but the kind of home audio sub that does looks like it is far outside of your budget.
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Ok, thanks for the fast response. I guess I will toss in one curve ball....get the PA-150 instead for a little less money? All help is greatly appreciated!
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The PA will have more upper bass but not as much deep bass. It may be perceived as louder, but that is because of how uneven the frequency response is.
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VTF-2 easily.
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Obviously the VTF-2 is a better sub. The real question is what kind of condition it's in? Any sub is better than a broken VTF-2.
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The VTF is in good used condition. I have not personally laid eyes on it....

It just makes me a shade nervous about purchasing used. Is the STF-2 THAT much different if I choose that route? Like I said, I am only looking to hear the 20-30 Hz range cleanly for movies. Listened to some Paradigm subs today and was pretty impressed for some $500 subs...looking to replicate those sounds with a HSU but have obviously never heard one.
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Yes. The VTF-2 will play cleanly down to 18hz anechoic, 25hz on the STF-2. The VTF-2 will also have more output. More is better when trying to fill a large area.
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As stated above, the VTF2/3 is much better for your room size. If in good condition, as you stated,
go for it. The output and extension is what you need in a listening area like yours.

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I went from a STF2 to a VTF3, it is a big step up, and the VTF2 is much closer to the VTF3 in performance than the VTF2. It's well worth the upgrade.
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Sorry, but I've upped my budget to 500. Figure I'd buy it right the first time. How do you guys feel about the SVS PB-1000 for 499 shipped in comparison to the other 3 I've previously mentioned. I just keep hearing about how awesome SVS subs are and am wondering if its worth the plunge for the extra coin?
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I'd say go for it. It seems like a great deal.
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The VTF2 would still be a higher performing sub, I would go for that.
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Well instead of everything I listed, I ended up getting a Outlaw LFM-1 Plus for 499 w/ free shipping during the last bit of the holiday sale. I cant wait, from what I hear it will compare pretty well to the HSU VTF-2 MK 3 that I was considering used. All in all I am very happy with my choice and think I will get a lot of sub for 500 bones. Some things that swayed me towards the Outlaw was the fact that it was down firing, bottom ported. I will be getting a dog and having a couple kids in the next couple years and like the idea of the sub being "self contained". Meaning dogs cant rip up the cloth grille covers, kids cant stuff sh*t into the ports, etc. Plus the overall look of the Outlaws with the smoked glass tops just appealed to me. Let me know if you guys think I made the right call with a budget limit of 500? Thanks again for all the useful information!
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You definitely made the right call. It will have performance on the level of the VTF2 but with the warranty of a new sub. It will stomp on all the other subs mentioned here too in regards to performance.
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