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47" LG LM6400 vs Panasonic ET5

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking in to getting a LCD TV finally and I've nailed it down to these two choices. I've decided on the size 47" (47LM6400 vs TH-L47ET5) but it isn't that germane to my question, and while I want 3D I probably won't use it that much and after having read the many discussions, I've chosen passive well aware of the limitations. I've obviously also chosen LCD over Plasma again aware of the limitations particularly with 3D.

Anyway given my price range and what's currently available here in NZ at that price it seems these are the only real two options for me and both are about the same price (the LM6400 is LM6410 here but from what I can tell it's basically the variant sold here, just as the LM640 is sold in Europe). The LM6200 is actually more expensive at the moment (I missed a super deal) and the other LGs e.g. LM6700 are too expensive.

I watch a fair amount of TV/movies including some sports which will be the primary use of the TV. Most will come from a PVR, so the software stuff like internet browsing, Youtube, DLNA etc isn't actually a big deal. I may do a small amount of PC gaming via the PVR but it isn't a big deal.

From what I've been able to gather, it's much of a muchness comparing these two, perhaps not surprising since the panels are always made by LG and at this level software and other extras don't add that much, even more so in my case. People have had banding problems with both displays. It does seem the LM6400 has had more latency issues then the Panasonic at least in Europe.

Anyone have any opinions on comparisons between the two? Even if it's not 47" inch I'd still like to hear.

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I've played with the ET5 at work (I sell tvs) and own a 47" 6400. On paper it would be hard to find two more similar sets. In practice the LG has far more available adjustments in the user menu, better rendition of subtle fleshtone variations, better 3D and better 2D-3D conversion (for what that's worth). It just gives the impression of being a higher-end set overall, sort of like getting a Lexus for the price of a Toyota.
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I've owned 2 of the Panasonic 55 inch ET5 units and I am not a fan. I returned the first earlier this year and will likely return the second and exchange for an LG. Here's why:

- PQ while watching normal TV is decent, but both panels I've owned had terrible uniformity issues. Both suffered from very visible irregular flashlighting coming from the top of the panel. These flashlight spots are surriounded by darker-than-normal screen, so they stick out like a sore thumb on shots of blue sky, solid colors, and any animated show. This can happen with any edge-lit set but based on what I've seen in showrooms the Panny LEDs seem to suffer particularly bad. Furthermore, the entire panel gradually darkens from the left to right side. Again, noticible on animated content and solid colors. LG's can also suffer these issues but again based on looking at the units on display they aren't nearly as bad. Thankfully, there are no flashlights in the corners but I'd probably prefer this to the top of the panel as it would be less intrusive. There is banding and DSE as well but I've found this just comes with edge-lit LCD territory.

- In Game mode, there is a weird visual artifact of vertical banding that shows in objects that glow or bloom. This is either hardly noticible or terrible depending on the content. It's quite bad on the lens flare on the title screen of Halo 4. Both sets had this issue, and I was hoping it was a defect or corrected by a firmware patch but it's apparently endemic to the TV. You can see an example at this link (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y114/jason249/pic1game_mode.jpg)

I hate that this set has so many problems, as the PQ during live-action TV is decent, I like passive 3D, and it has relatively low input lag for an LCD set (~30ms). Plus I wanted to support Panasonic. However, the problems I've had with them has me looking at the LGs. The funny thing is the panel in the ET5 is an LG but the processing is all Panny, and I suspect LG is selling Panny the worst panels that come off the line.
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I probably got lucky with my particular 47LM6400 as I've seen no flashlighting or clouding (and I do know what to look for).
There is some very slight (compared to may previous Sony EX710) vertical banding visible only in some horizontal panning scenes with a solid light color, but well within my tolerance range. Not a hardcore fps player so can't comment on gaming lag.
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