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Pioneer VSX-1022-K with a Polk PSW 110 Sub Hookup Problem

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Hello all,

I am having a strange issue with my setup and was wondering if anyone could provide some advice to fix it. My current setup is a Pioneer VSX-1022-K receiver that has two JBL ES80s hooked up to it on the front channels, serving as a 2.0 stereo setup. My video input configuration is an HTPC with a DVI->HDMI cable into the SAT/CBL input on the receiver using the Digital Coax output from my Audigy 2 ZS audio card, an Xbox 360 using component video cables (directly into the TV) and a TOSLINK Optical cable into the receiver (these are my only inputs). With that setup, I ran the Auto MCACC when I first got this system and it set everything up properly and everything sounded great.

For Christmas, I received the Polk Audio PSW 110 subwoofer. I know that there are much better subs for MSRP of this sub but my wife got this sub for $99.99, which I don't think there would be much better for that price. My problem is when I went to connect the subwoofer to make a 2.1 system, I am not getting any output out of the subwoofer during playback. I connected the subwoofer using a subwoofer RCA cable and connected the Pioneer's Subwoofer Preout terminal to the PSW110's LFE terminal (which on this model is shared with the "R" line in terminal. When I run the Auto MCACC with the sub connected, it tests all of the speaker connections and I hear both the fronts and the sub (although the sub seemed very quiet to me even on max volume), but when I go to play anything through the system, I hear nothing from the sub. When I went into the settings menu, I found that the fronts had been left at "Large" and the sub was set to "Yes". I know that the fronts need to be at "Small" to send the sub channel, so I changed them to small and the Xover to 80Hz but the subwoofer still did not output any audio channel. I have the Polk's dials set to LFE for the Xover on the sub and the volume set to Max and still nothing.

I thought that this may be due to the wrong type of audio listening mode, so I changed between "Direct", "Auto", 'ALC", "Standard", and all of the "ADV SURR" options to no avail. I thought that maybe it was not getting any sub channel audio because I am running Dolby Digital Live on my computer (which is a simulated Dolby Digital output) so my last trial was with my Xbox 360 since I knew for a fact that this would be true Dolby Digital output using its Optical output. I saw the receiver go to Dolby Digital input mode and still heard nothing from the subwoofer.

Am I connecting everything properly? If so, am I doing something else wrong in the setup or is something wrong with my components?

Thank you, in advance, for your help and time.

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Bump. Anyone have any ideas on this issue?

I did forget to mention that when I unplug the sub and touch the unconnected RCA end, the subwoofer does make a simulated bass "hit" from my fingers voltage potential and that was much much more powerful than the noise the receiver was emitting during the MCACC, so I don't think the sub is faulty (although I don't know if there is a way to test this).

Thank you all.
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Does anyone have anything that might be able to help me with this. I have tried, seemingly, everything and still can't get output on the subwoofer. I'm thinking that the subwoofer cable that I am using might actually be bad... Is that possible or normal? Is there a way to test the sub to see if it is at fault?

Thank you.
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Try using the ADV SURR button on the remote and select EXTSTEREO. I found this will engage the sub when listening to Pandora or other stereo channels. The sub works fine when watching DVDs in 5.1 using the auto detect setting.
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I did try the EXT STEREO setting in the ADV SURR and still don't get anything from the sub. I actually believe that the sub might be at fault. I replaced the subwoofer cable with a much better one and the sub still didn't output anything. Actually, at first the sub was super loud but then faded to absolutely nothing quickly. After leaving it off for a whole and then plugging it back in, it seemed like the sub was back and then faded again. I think the sub's internal amp might be overheating. Going to return the sub and see if a new one will resolve my issues.

Thanks for your assistance and I will report my findings after I get it replaced.
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Wow. I, for some reason, logged in with another username that I also own lol. Rhaen = me so that was my response. Sorry to be confusing...
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Just wanted to update everyone on this issue. I returned the sub for a brand new one and the issue is completely resolved. That must have been a faulty unit.

Thanks for everyone's assistance.
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