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diy sub finishing question

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Please see attached photo, I have the speaker built already and I am in the process of finishing the paint on the front. I plan to build an outer shell using ½” wood (shown in photo behind speaker) of some kind which will consist of everything but the front and back pieces which I plan to cover in some kind of material and slide over my existing box. I feel this is the best way to get a clean boarder around the box. (I am shooting for the look of the JL home audio subs, they have the boarder I am trying to achieve see page 2 of 2 attached)
I plan to secure the outer shell by moving the handles from the existing box to the outer shell, please keep in mind the shell is for aesthetics only the existing speaker is completed this is an afterthought.
I wanted to ask for advice on the following:
1) What kind of wood should I use, I am looking for something that will require as little prep as possible when it comes time to cover it with the material I choose. I am unable to use mdf since they are no longer able to cut it for me locally due to some new regulations.
2) Should I apply any glue between the shell and box, I prefer not too just in case I ever want to remove it but if it is going to cause problems like vibrate I will do so.

thanks spk1.pdf 147k .pdf file
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if you cant use MDF and you want those round-overs, i would think void free Baltic Birch would be best. Not sure how you would get out of gluing it though.
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