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Yamaha BD-A1020

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Hi to all. I have just bought bd-a1020. FLAC playing quality is really bad, it seams that player does not play FLAC at correct bitrate (info screen shows 128kbps-570kbs instead of 1000kbps-4000kbps). Because of that high tones are to grainy and disperse. Same thing happens from every source (DNLA server, USB stick). Is this unit just supports FLAC or it should play at correct quality? Please, can someone of owners can test this issue? Thanks in advance.
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Just noticed that FLAC bit rate is not shown correct, player shows bit rate of previous played material (e.g. after played CD it shows 1411kbps, after played mp3 192kbps it shows 192kbps).
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hello, i have change my internet router and now i could not conect to the new one, wired its ok but not the wireless? Help !!
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Yamaha BD-A1020 AV Controller App

Hello Everyone. I'm considering buying the bd-a1020. I won't be using it for video playback. It would strictly be a networked music player (not even connected to a tv). I looked at the demo version of the AV Controller app (Android version). It seems that for the BD-A1020 the app only serves as a remote control for disc playback features and doesn't allow you to navigate your home network to search for music files etc. Is this really the case or is the demo version just not showing all functionality?

The same app also controls Yamaha networked AV receivers. The demo for receivers clearly shows you can navigate your home home network. It would seem stupid for them to not allow the app to do the same for the networked blu ray player.

I'd appreciate responses bcuz I'm trying to decide between the A1020 and the CD-N500 networked CD player which costs $300 more for seemingly less functionality but similar sound quality specs.

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