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LG Smart TV

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I have an LG Smart TV (47LM6400 but I assume, smart TV is same on all LM6200, LM6700, LM7600, etc)
I can use the TV as a DLNA player and play content from my DLNA server at home. I was trying to use another DLNA feature called DMR (Digital Media renderer). This would allow me to play from another device into the LG TV. For instance, in windows 7, I can right click a movie and select "Play To" and the select the LG TV. Unfortunately this doesnt work (PC timesout and LG TV doesnt do anything) . Anybody has had this working?
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I've done it with a 7600 and Windows 8. It works as long as the media is compatible with the play to function and the TV.

DLNA is such a mess though any number of problems could be the cause, if running third party anti-virus software and it has it's own firewall that can block the commands sometimes. Router could be buggy when it comes to DLNA, check for firmware updates, also make sure the TV is up to date too.
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I am a bit lost. For some reason, I am not able to use DLNA DMR with the TV.
-Win7 PC1 can "play to" to Win7 PC2, both wifi
-Mobile phone can "play to" to XBMC on ubuntu, both wifi
-Win7 or mobile phone can not "play to" LG Smart TV
I am thinking something on the wifi router specific to LG DLNA support... Any suggestions?
I enable/disable IGMP setting (not clear what it does but some folks indicated that sometimes this needs to change
My LG TV is up to date on firmware. My router is ASUS RT-N56u with hacked firmware.
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Does the TV appear in the Windows network browser under media devices if not then there is something blocking the TV.

* I cant remember if there are any settings which control DLNA DMR on the TV, there was some stuff in there for display mirroring using Intel's tech I think.
* Try connecting the TV via ethernet cable to the router if on wireless as a test to see what happens.
* Try limiting the wireless mode to 802.11g only.
* If running on public network mode under Windows network control panel that will block it, must be home/private network type.
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I was able to make DMR work with a mobile phone that support WiFi direct. Strange. I thought it would work as other DLNA with regular wifi connection
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