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Hi and TIA everyone. I just moved and I need a new TV.

1. Budget - $3000
2. Seating distance - 14 feet
3. Size/placement limitations - No limitations on size. I'd like it to be wall mounted
4. Uses and sources - Watching TV via my HTPC with a CableCard. It will also be running XBMC for downloaded content, and light gaming such as NES/SNES/N64 games. I will hook it up to an A/V receiver, to be purchased.
5. Room lighting - I have recessed LED lights. This is a ground/basement apartment with full height windows and a 9 foot ceiling. on the opposite of the TV will be 2 windows, about 20 feet away. Sunlight will not shine on the TV.

I am thinking aout a 65" LED TV, 240hz to mount on the wall or the 70" Sharp LED. Can you help me pick one? Will I noticed the difference in 240hz? Thanks.