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Been waffling on this one for a bit.

Currently I have a Dayton d3 and unicc setup for my main viewing area. I've used this for a number of years. Its been great and I really like it. With my current receiver setup it won't reach reference levels and I can tell when it cuts power. Actually even about 6-9 down is where it usually starts cutting power.

So I'm looking at resolving this for the few times I actually am alone and want to run it full tilt. I've been looking at the stenatorians since I can do the entire front stage for a relatively low price but I'm also looking at just getting an amp to drive them instead.

I really like the look of the stens but cutting all those holes doesn't look fun and I'm kinda wondering how the center channel is with them. An amp is the simplest route and a 125w should do fine but at 125w do I risk damaging the speakers? Those little silkies don't take much to reach xMax.