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Newly acquired Sub

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I recently acquired a pair jl 12" subs. One has a surround that is completely ripped all the way through. The other surround is ok but old. I ordered new surrounds thinking I would just redo them both but then it dawned on me that if it was run with the surround ripped, then the motor could have touched the magent and blown the speaker. Is there any way to test the speaker without refoaming it just to find out its blown?
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gently push on the cone, does the voicecoil rub? Otherwise take a multimeter and check the ohms rating on each voicecoil. If it's a 12w7 it should be a single 3 ohm if its a 13.5w7 it should be dual 1.5 ohm coils. Idk about the other models though.
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moves cleanly without rubbing. I will ohm it out and compare it to the other one.
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What's the model number of hte JL subs? You might want to model it in WinISD to see if it's worth the hassle of trying to refoam it.
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I'd only consider new style w6 and any generation w7 worth refoaming. I had an old school pair of 12w6 that I refoamed and they were good in their day, but can't hang with the big boys these days.
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