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which has better 3d picture?

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im trying to decide between either lg lm6700/7600 series vs samsung e7000/e8000 plasma series 3d isnt the main selling point but id like to blown away (impressed!) when viewing 3d movies. i live in a smaller town and are walmart is extremely limited on 3d capable tvs. and i have no where to see these in person without driving 80 miles just to see them. so if anyone has seen both/owned both advise would be helpful looking 50-60 inch range would like to keep it around $1500 or under
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Do you have a largish Sears store nearby--if so they should have the models you're considering on display.
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Been very impressed with my LG 55" 6700. Like the simplicity of the passive glasses also. TV throws a great picture.
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Well, so far I have only seen two TV displays that blew me away with 3D. They were the LG passive line of TVs, and the Sony HX850. Granted maybe Best Buy doesn't have all the displays calibrated the best, but even the Panasonic VT plasma line didn't blow me away with its 3D, and I could tell my eyes were stressing right away with the active shutter glasses. We now have an LG LW5300, and it's 3D is really awesome in my book. My eyes don't stress nearly as much, and the effects really pop out of the screen more so than most active TVs I have seen. Another plus is that the glasses are cheap, and if you ever see a 3D movie in the theater, take the glasses home with you, they will work on the passive TV.
Our tv is only 47 inches, and I wish it was a little bigger. The bigger the better when 3D is concerned.....I also find the larger the display, the less stress on the eyes. I usually have no problems in the movie theater with a 3D movie, but with the smaller 47 inch passive, I have to take breaks cause my eyes start to feel it.
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Is the 6700 a true 120 hz or 60 ?
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Thanks. Actually ended up getting the LG 55lm9600 couldn't pass up the deal on It should be here in about a week
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