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I use AnyDVD HD and Power DVD 10 ultara 3D. The only thing I have seen so far that will not play is the the Warlords. It will play with TMT5.
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Well, we have powerdvd 9 that came with our blu-ray drive in our desktop. The wife put in a blu ray to watch while she did something in the kitchen. The software asked her to update, which she refused, being reluctant to change the software while I wasn't around. When I tried to play the bluray, the software fails to play, wth no update prompt... This happened with three different blurays I tried.

The wife reckons bluray is more trouble than it is worth. Perhaps she is right.
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Originally Posted by acejh1987 View Post

Both MPC-HC and TMT combined with AnyDVD are pretty much equal for playing directly from the disc, TMT advantage being it can play menus/extras and 3D, MPC advantage is its free.
There would be no quality difference in playing ripped content made by AnyDVD or MakeMKV to playing directly from the disc, audio/video is exactly the same.
If you have the HDD space and just want the main movie, ripping MakeMKV would be the best solution as its free (Doesn't need AnyDVD) and leaves the video/audio untouched.

MPC-HC may be free but AnyDVDHD is far from it! In fact it's more expensive than TMT5 and that's only for a 1 year licence! At least TMT5 has been around for a couple of years now and still going strong.

Unless I'm missing something and there's lots of discounts for AnyDVD floating around? Every time I've looked at it it's been prohibitively expensive.
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AnyDVD has been going a lot longer than TMT5, they update constantly for new features and protections, even helping programs like TMT play discs that they are still waiting for updates to play.
Its expensive, usually they have a 20% off sale most months, but its still $120 (Lifetime)
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True, but that's more than most standalone players now! Struggling to justify it on top of the TMT5, and the BR-ROM itself. I guess you have to justify it by saying you're paying for the other benefits like skipping trailers if all you actually want is disk playback?
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