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Having problems with im-net card and Pandora. Was working fine but stopped. Tried to reset card but still get message account information not correct. Double checked account info and it is correct. Started a Rhapsody account and it works fine on same card. When I try to set up another Pandora account, I get a message "error internal activation code". Any suggestions.
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Found a service bullentin that required manual software update. It worked so problem solved.
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I guess it starts with an SSP and the need for room correction.

Saw this at JVB.

Now add those pieces to this:

And do you have nirvana?

So, you can add a second source (DIrectv) via HDMI and from what I understand from JVB, all is done in the digital domain for not only the Oppo but whatever HDMI source you. I suppose add a HDMI switcher for even more digital sources to pass tot the Trinnov. Now add a Trinnov MC or other Trinnov product for a full digital pathway of room correction and 3-D remapping.

The player decodes to LPCM DTS MA and TRUE HD - but no PLIIx, etc.in the digital domain - but certainly you get all the SSP post processing benefits if inputted into the analog inputs of the Trinnov (with the cost of the extra A/D step).

I've looked into getting a Trinnov MC with a digital input card and 12 channels of output (I may add additional speakers).

I'd like to find out all the pluses and minuses of such an upgrade.

This seems to be where reference audio is heading these days though many of use have used less sophisticated versions of DSPs for years, it looks like the pinnacle may've arrived... in a bit more complicated form.

Such a set up can be had for a 1/3 price of the ADA reference. So, at such a discount, is this where those who want the best on 'somewhat' of a budget should be looking at?

Let's spend this thread talking about set up, the players, level matching, etc.
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