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Sony HW50ES help

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Hey Guys,

In the next week I plan to mount my Sony HW50ES. I am trying to determine the best distance from screen. Here is some info:

Screen Size: 106in (1.1 Gain)

The room it is going in is open with dark gray walls (couldn't convince the wife to go black) and light carpet and white ceiling. Ceiling is 9ft. I currently have 3 windows with blinds and measure less than 3FC during the day and 0 at night. I believe I can get the light down more once I install blackout shades or curtains. So it is not a bat cave, but its not to bad. Seating will be roughly 12-13ft from the screen.

I was thinking of installing it around 11-13ft from the screen. Does this sound like a good idea? What would be better, closer or further away.

One more thing. My plan was to put the screen 3 feet from the floor. This would mean I would have a distance of 1ft 8in from the top. Would lowering it do any good for reflection on the ceiling?
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If you're worried about ambient light mount the projector as close as possible. When you do this, you are forced to use the zoom on the lens which increases light output. Use this calculator to figure out if your setup will work properly they way you've planned. The HW50 isn't listed but the HW30 has the same lens and mounting capabilities so the two are interchangeable in this regard.

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