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New Home theatre set up

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Hey there, I'm new with all this audio and television set up! I'm making a he theatre room in my basement and I'm looking for help! I'm looking at a Panasonic st55 60 inch! That's the easy part! The tricky part is the sound. My room is about 12 feet by 20. For the sound my budget is roughly between 1200$-1500$! Any suggestions? I'm undecided whether to get a box set up or mix and match myself! I don't want to have towers because I have young children and don't want to have any problems with that. I really like the sound from the psb bookshelves but I find them a bit pricey! Also, for the receiver I was looking at either the denon or onkyo! What do you guys think?
I really appreciate the help!
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So are you wall mounting the speakers?
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Assuming 5.1-channels and without knowing which Denon or Onkyo you're looking at, I'll suggest:
- Polk TSi200 for L-C-R (2 x $262.19, shipped)
- Polk Monitor 30 for surrounds (1 x $134.49, not sure about shipping)
- SVS PB-1000 ($499, shipped)
- Denon AVR-1613 ($329, shipped)
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The Onkyo TX-NR515 is only $300 right now at Amazon; I would recommend that one. It has features galore and 7 HDMI inputs.

For speakers I suggest four of the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 speakers with the Wharfedale 10 CC center speakers, which will run nearly $1000.

Add the Polk PSW505 subwoofer, for around $200, and you have a very nice system for $1500.

I suggest that you read the review of the Diamond 10.1 at the Stereophile website. It is outstanding for its price IMO.

Mounting small shelves on the wall is the solution that seems to work well. It allows you to aim the speakers somewhat as needed or even change speakers in the future as desired without changing the wall attachments. Mounting brackets can hide behind the speakers and under the shelf.
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Jay1, yes I am wall mounting the speakers
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