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Please Help!!! - Lost Wedding Video

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We recorded my wedding on the Sony HDR - XR150. When we went to download the video from the SD card we found we couldn't.

The file is appears as ORDER.NJB, 17 bytes and dated correctly on the SD card. We've taken it to a photo printing studio who recommended we pay $500 to have someone extract the video. Is this really our only option?

Please send help. Any advice whatsoever would be a tremendous consolation -even if it's just to tell us not to pay someone $500 to dig up a file that will never work.

This is the message we find when trying to activate it through "Terminal" on my macbook pro:

Last login: Fri Dec 28 22:37:23 on ttys000
Laptop-Jessica-Fujan:~ jfujan$ file
Usage: file [-bchikLNnprsvz0] [-e test] [-f namefile] [-F separator] [-m magicfiles] [-M magicfiles] file...
file -C -m magicfiles
Try `file --help' for more information.
Laptop-Jessica-Fujan:~ jfujan$ /Volumes/NO\ NAME/MISC/ORDER.NJB
: command not foundSC/ORDER.NJB: line 1:
Laptop-Jessica-Fujan:~ jfujan$
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Have you transferred video off this camera before or is it the first time?

The XR150 also has a built-in hard drive. Could it be that you recorded the footage onto the hard drive instead of the SD card?

Do you have a Windows PC available? Install the software (Picture Motion Browser) included on the CD that you received with the camera and then connect your camera to the computer. You will be able to see what's recorded on the video camera.

Alternatively, take a read of this thread:
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If it's on the card and was accidentally deleted, Recuva might be able to restore it:

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