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Projectors as PC monitor

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Hi guys, please give your recommendation for this fairly special requirement:

1. A single (1080P) or two projectors (1080P x 2, or 720p/WXGA x 2) to be used as PC monitor - total budget under $2000 USD.

2. Solely for reading and writing text, as well as web surfing, so sharp text is the most important.

3. Easy for the eyes: ability to lower the brightness significantly - (seen Mitsubishi HC4000 in person, its lowest brightness in eco mode is still too bright for long period of use during night time).

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My 2 cents:

I don't know anybody who has used a projector as a serious monitor and been happy with it.
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Could you give a bit more detail of why they weren't happy, please? (I never owned a projector before). Cheers.
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Modified the question so it's shorter and clearer.
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Benq w7000 has adjustable IRIS in service mode so you can 100% control how dark it goes, you can make it go all the way down to pitch black, and it can be controlled in 100 steps. It is also overall the sharpest under $2200 projector there is, you can get refurb ones for around $1600 and they still come with a 1yr warranty.

I think it's a simple answer, Benq w7000 for sure. You absolutely have to make sure you get one with 1.03 firmware, otherwise it won't be as sharp for text.

Although I personally find using a projector as a monitor slightly awkward, but if you make a special seating area and get it right, then it could be ok. Possibly put a desk in front of the screen and it would work.

I used a desk before in front of a projector and it is better than doing it from the couch, eventually couch posture causes problems. The Benq w7000's text is sharp enough to use like a monitor, but it will still cause more eye fatigue than an LCD, although it's very bareable for long-term use and if you have a desk for good posture should be fine.
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For online shopping, searching for real estate, photo viewing, etc. we are using our projector as a monitor. This dual use is a real benefit.

But for the normal everyday reading and working I prefer a high resolution 2560x1440 27" or 2560×1600 30" IPS monitor. The resolution is twice as high as on the projector, I do not need to be concerned about the light bulb usage, no need to darken the room, etc.
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Thank you coderguy, does the DLP has more flicker than 3LCD (as DLP lights a pixel 3 times via color wheel, where 3LCD only lights a pixel once as RGB were combined before output)?

Also, what do you think of the BenQ W1070 (I actually lean towards it more than the W7000 due to the much lower cost)?

To SiggUA:
Yeah I already got a multi-monitor setup, it's good but a lot of times I would like to sit further away from the screen, so a projector seems to be a good fit for that purpose.
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there's just no sharpness like the sharpness a pc monitor gives you. i think you'd have to spend upwards of $3k to really get that sharp crisp clear picture like a monitor. maybe i'm wrong? heres my experience..i use 2 24" dells and when i want that "big screen" feel. i use an optoma hd20. not the best but certainly not the worst. and it's budget friendly. here's a screen shot.

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