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Need advice on upgrading my Pioneer VSX 1016

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I'm in the process of completely redoing my entire system and think my receiver may be the weak link. I've been looking at receivers for a couple of weeks now and I've seen some pretty good prices on the Pioneer SC 61 and SC 63. My current receiver won't pass audio through HDMI so I have everything running with optical. I'm really looking to increase the overall audio quality of my system (especially for Blu Ray) and would like to know if upgrading my receiver would help.

Current system:

Pioneer VSX1016
Emotiva LPA-1
Kef Q900
Kef Q600c
Def Tech BPX
SVS PC12 Plus
Blu Ray and HD DVD
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Hmm, not even a smarta** comment?
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I think a new receiver would help. It will get you HDMI that will greatly simplify things and allow you to listen and enjoy the new lossless sound formats, DTS Master and Dolby True that are found on Blu-rays. Also, I agree with considering the Pioneer Elite SC-61 or 63. The new Class D3 amps found in these units have been very well reviewed and received. I have had four Elites now and have had no problems with any of them. I also find their Advanced MCACC very effective and recommend it. While other room correction solutions are probably just as effective (and I am sure you will hear from their proponents) my vote goes to the Pioneers you are looking at. The rest of your system seems solid and I think you will benefit greatly from the receiver upgrade.

See, no smarta$$ comments here. Good luck and enjoy your upgraded system when done.
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Hey, I just noticed you already have an Emotiva LPA-1 amp so I guess the new Class D3 amps wouldn't really be of use to you. So, if you are looking at the Pioneers strictly as a pre-pro, you may want to check out last years VSX-52 & 53. These are being cleared out at prices less than the SC's you are looking at. Magnolias in my area have plenty of 53's around. I recently got one of the last new 52's and am very happy with it as a processor. They are almost identical to the 61 & 63 except they are Class AB but that shouldn't make a difference since you have the LPA.
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Thanks for the input, I'll take a look at the receivers you recommended.
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