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Been doing some serious research and wanted to see what the thoughts are on this build. I am coming from a Raspberry Pi and would just like 1080p to play flawlessly. Will just be using XBMC to start no OS only streaming from XBMC addons.

Foxconn RM3-H2 BareBones ( $90
This would include PSU/CASE/MB Intel H61

Intel Celeron G530 ( $49
RAM- G.SKill 2X4GB ( $22
Total: $160 not including shipping

I would just run XBMC off usb flash drive so no need for HDD

Or Should I go with a Intel G860 ( $67

Would I notice much of a difference for the price? Any other help on the barebones case would be great or any other insight really just want something to start out in the HTPC scene as the Raspberry Pi is just a tease. Thanks