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Entry-Level Pioneer/Yamaha Receiver For Paradigm Monitor 7's and Surrounds

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Hi All,

Haven't posted in a long time. Recently purchased a new 60" TV and that got me back into wanting to upgrade my old setup. I have a basic 5.1 setup with older monitor 7's front, 370 center, monitor 3's rear and adp 170's (?) for surround and ps1000 sub, these are v3 minus the sub which i dont recall. I had an older Denon AVR-1400? or something (probably a different model number, it was about 500 bucks when i purchased it). It was about 8 years old when it died, I then substituted it with an even older Pioneer I had still laying around last year. With young kids always in bed early it was never really practical to take full advantage of the setup so it has kind of sat under used the past few years.

Anyways, I am looking to replace just the receiver for now and I believe I have narrowed it down to Pioneer and Yamaha this time. I have owned a couple different Denon receivers in the past, and I have always found the sound to be a bit on the mellow/flat side of things, mind you they have always been paired with Paradigm speakers as well though! I prefer a more snappy(bright?) sound. I always thought this was my Paradigm speakers but after doing more reading it on it, it sounds as though the Monitor 7's should be able to perform this way when coupled with a receiver that amplifies this kind of sound? Regardless, I need a new receiver, so figured I would start there, and look at upgrading the speakers should I not be able to get the sound out of them I hoping for. If I do upgrade the speakers in the future I think I will be leaning more towards the Klipsch or Polk for that higher more brighter (if you want to describe it that way) sound.

So really my question is, given my setup, (80% movie/tv, 20% music) is there a Pioneer or Yamaha receiver that would be a better option over others? Honestly a 5.1 will be enough for our setup right now. I want to purchase something with decent video processing and airplay support, and the ability to stream from our ipads and iphones. Budget is about 500. I am sure I can get something in the 300-400 range that will easily meet my needs, but I have been out of the game so long now that I dont know whats what anymore.

I was thinking something along the lines of the yamaha rxv473b or rxv573b (7.1 - if the price was right). or a pioneer vsx-1022-k or vsx-1122-k . I think these models would provide me what I am after.

I guess I am really trying to get a consensus of which receiver would work best with my current speakers and provide more of the sound that I am after.

Thanks guys.
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Anyone with any experience they care to share?
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If you like snappy sound i suggest you the onkyo 616. I own the yamaha 471 and the onkyo 515 as for movies is way way better than yamaha 471. As for Pioneer the 1122 but if you can add $99 i really suggest you to get tbe pioneer 1222 for $599 at newegg. Its far more better than 1122 and i can say better quality audio than onkyo 616.

My onkyo 515 for movies its outstanding for its price. I compare with my denon 3311 and really impressed me The difference betwen 515 and 616 is that 616 has manual eq, 5 bands eq for speakers and 4 additional bands for sub, also it has 3 stage inverter power amps, also 20 watts more per channel (80w vs 100w) and is thx certified. So i consider the 616 way better than 515 and price difference is not too much. All 3 receivers use qdeo upscaling in which is far more better than anchor bay.

Right now you can get the 616 for $344 at newegg. Special ends on jan7, Also woud be lot easier to calibrate your room with audessey 2eq than with advanced mcacc from pioneer. but if you like the cleanest audio but you have to do some tweaks and from what i read the pioneer is not as straight forward to setup. I auditioned the pioneer 1021 yesterday and was very impressed with the audio. The 1222 has also d3 class amps. The 1122 do not.

If i were you my first option the onkyo 616 $344, then 1122 $359 and if money is not an issue then the 1222 $599. Retail price of 1222 is $1,099. Onkyo is very powerful, loud, and lots of nice features.
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Just realized I never made it back to this post to thank you for taking the time to post a reply. Got busy. I have been giving the Onkyo a serious look. I have still been a little concerned about the reliability but I am thinking these models are not as bad and with the latest firmware, seemed to address the hdmi connection issue coming out of standby mode and switching through inputs.

I would still be interested to gather a few more opinions on a good match to the existing speakers I have and the results I am after. A somewhat more snappy sound then the what I experienced with the denon and paradigm combo.

Thanks guys...
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