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Lefisc's Home Theatre and two channel set up!

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I was always a two channel sort of guy, who knew we’d have home theater. I need a bigger house!

When I moved out of the city, I lost most of my favorite FM stations and all AM reception. Recently, I got an Internet Radio and have been really enjoying it. I get my old stations back and many others from all over the world. Son that has been my new plaything.

Amplifier (center): Krell FPB 450Mcx
Amplifier (front 2 channel): Krell Evolution 600e
Amplifier (3 rear channel): Proceed HPA-3
CD/SACD Player: Esoteric K-03
FM Tuner Day Sequerra: FM Reference
Headphones: Stax Lambda Pro
Internet Radio: Sonos
Pre-Amp w/Phono: Mark Levenson No. 32
Speakers: Revel Ultima Salon 2
Center Channel: Revel Ultima Voice 2
Rears and Back Surround: Thiel Powerplanes
Sub-Woofer: Thiel SS3
Turntable: VPI 19 Mark 4
Tonearm: SME 309
Cartridge: Audioquest 401i
Record Cleaner: VPI 17

Home Theatre
Blu-Ray Player: Oppo BDP 105
Surround Controller: Krell 707 3D
HDTV Receiver: Verizon
Laser Disc: Pioneer Elite 95
Video Projector: JVC DLA-RS66U
Video Screen: Vue Tech 108

Universal Remote Control MX850
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That is some excellent audio gear! Krell....Revel....I need to sit down and re-evaluate my life! lol....but seriously though--very impressive. I'm a huge fan of Sonos, and use all it's features, from internet radio to Pandora to Rhapsody. If you're feeling frisky, you can listen to police radios on nearly every city within the U.S.
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Very nice. We don't see a lot of Krell Evo gear here so it's nice to see the 707 and 600's. I think this is the first time I have actually seen a picture of the Voice 2 in a system with the Salon 2's. It's a lot smaller then I envisioned it would be.
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BrolicBeast and Rod, thank you for your comments. When I moved from the “big city” 20 years ago, I left behind good pizza and MOST of my FM stations. I tried better antennas and such but with no luck. I was surprised then to get everything I do on the Sonos. I love it. I am back, after two decades, of not “programming” my own music and hearing new things, and so very old things. I forgot how much I loved doing that.

And you mentioned police bands too. I’ll have to try that. I first turn to jazz so if you know any good jazz stations please let me know.

I had a XM radio at home, it cost about $150 a year. But I now have the xm/sirus package on the Sonos and I think that is about $35 a year. And I did sign up to Rhapsody. I am enjoying this!

Rod, the screen is a diagonal 110 inches, if that helps with the sizes. The Salon are about 4.5 feet high and the Voice II is a bit over two feet long.

I actually went to a projector to get rid of the large box TV set I originally had in the middle, it really messed up the sound.
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Hi Lefisc,

Very nice setup you have there, I'm a huge Krell fan and used to owned some of their gear, they never let me down!

As Brolic and yourself I also own sonos gear to have music in every room, works Very well, my only regret is that it doesn't play high définition audio
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