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Have a I3 intel with asus mb and with hdmi out on mb that is 1.4a and a nvidia 1.4a hdmi graphics card. Both can do 3D. When I watch either a streamed blu ray off my windows home server or via disc in the blu ray drive, I notice a slight one time stutter or stop in video when there are panning motions on both outputs. It's really annoying. I tried the same disc in a sammy blu ray player and no issue. There are times when I start a blu ray and I get a notice from Powerdvd that the frame rate of the adapter doesn't match the movie and do I want to fix it. There are also times when it seems as if the audio is out of sync. The HTPC is hooked up to an Integra 70.2 3D receiver and a Panny Ae8000u projector. Any help would be appreciated.