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Halo 4 look jitter?

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Y does all the objects on the screen go blury and jittery when I look left and right? I just got a UT50 and I notice it way more now it gives me a head ache.

I'll post a link to a video of it
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I'm getting some hard core motion blur is that just how games are and I notice it cuz the TV's bigger?
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Halo 4 runs at 30fps, and 30fps games have visual judder. Post-processed motion blur can help reduce it, but only by so much.

And yes, the bigger the TV the more noticeable the problem. Pop in COD, Rage, or Kane and Lynch 2 in to your 360/PS3 to see what proper, smooth 45-60fps gaming looks like.
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Hmmm Forza Horizon was doing it to, Why is Halo 4 only 30? I can see halo 3 being its old but really?

And wouldn't the processing add lag? There by defeating the point of playing on my TV haha

If you familiar go on Exile and get on the turret by the gause hog spawn and turn the turret back and forth and the little rock archway to the right like flickers and blurs back and forth. It does this every where when I turn in front of something close but thats just one fixed case from a little farther away that can be recreated cuz the turret is stationary.
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Horizon is also 30fps. Forza 4 is 60fps.
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Holy crap your right, what other games are 60fps? Why don't more people notice this, its really annoying?
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For 360 and PS3? That's about it. COD, Forza 3/4, Rage, Kane and Lynch 2. Almost everything else targets 30fps. There are some XBLA/PSN games like Geometry Wars 2 that also hit 60fps, but they are also few and far between.

Yes, 30fps judder is annoying. Post-processed motion blur helps hide it, but really most people just don't notice. This is probably because most people are still running 32" or smaller TVs where the judder isn't as obvious. Why is 60fps not more common? Look at the games that are 60fps. Call Of Duty runs at a really low resolution, so is rather blurry. Rage is a technical masterpiece running on an engine built by the single smartest man in gaming. Forza and K&L2 are both fairly simple in terms of modeling and effects. In order to hit 60fps on current consoles, you either need the smartest man around, which nobody else has, or you need to make some pretty significant compromises in rendering quality. I would personally love to see more 60fps games that sacrifice a bit of level complexity to reach that goal, but the industry has checkboxes they have to tick to get funding. 60fps isn't one of those checkboxes. 720p with fancy shader effects are.
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I don't mean they have to run 60fps always but running stable at 45fps vs 30 would probably make a big difference
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45fps would mean triple-buffering with more input lag, or constant screen tearing. Both would mean drastic performance fluctuations. Neither is a good thing and both feel worse in motion than 30fps judder.
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