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Desperately looking for some help guys. I received my new device today connected all up (running through a Denon 1910 Amp) and i have some issues with the picture on the main menu screen. It appears i have lots of lines running across he screen and green lines and green tinge running across the screen. I can reboot the device and sometimes (not all) it will return to normal (correct colours without the lines) - I have changed the HDMI cable and made no difference with a new one. Another interesting fact is the movies play fine with no distortion on the picture at all - prsitine quality so it appears it is an intermittent issue with my menu screen - can anyone offer any advice or help please ?

Steps i have taken and outcomes are :
1. I am on correct firmware V1.0.5 (Mede8er)
2. Connected Direct to Same TV - Works fine picture correct
3. Connected to TV upstairs and this is fine too picture fine.
4. The problem seems to be when its passing through my Denon AMP 1910 this is when the picture goes poor and green with all lines running over it (However films still play fine - this is just the main menus)
5. I have turned the IP/Scaler function off in the Denon menu and it has improved slightly - the picture will start normally then when i go into any menus it will revert back to being poor again ? WHy/How Please help !!!!!!

Anyone got any suggestions please !!!!