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No discernible difference.

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My set up is very humble PS3 to Denon avr1712 to Klipsch quintet iii.....and it sounds very good to my aging ears. Borrowing my buddies Musical Fidelity vdac ii i was surprised (but not dismayed) that the DAC made no noticeable audible difference....to me or any other family member that i forced to sit in the sweet spot for an A B comparison ? Why? I thought with such a humble and rudimentary set up the introduction of a DAC would make a discernible difference.
BTW DAC chip is DSD 1792
Denon avr DAC chip is AK4358VQ

Hooked up via optical. Listening to WAV files on PS3 harddrive.

Thanks, looking to add to my knowledge base about audio theory/technology.

Happy New Year!
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If you are using Audyssey, using an external DAC isn't going to make any real difference (perhaps in DIRECT mode though).
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Thanks for your reply, I was under the assumption that I could use 2 channel audio (not multi channel though) and take full advantage of Auddyssey?
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You can. My point is that in order to use Audyssey, the signal that just got processed via your buddy's DAC has to be re-processed by the Denon's ADC/DAC again in order to use Audyssey which is why there is no real discernible difference when using Audyssey.
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+1. Audyssey works in the figitalcdomain so it needs a digital signal to work on. If it comes in as analog either Audyssey cannot touch it or the receiver has to convert back to digital.
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