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Hi all. This thread is getting so big I just can't find anything in it any more. So what I need is just a clarification as to what I am seeing with this setup and that I am interpreting it correctly. This relates to DTS-HD MA and what is showing on my D2v display when playing a BR with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 track. The Oppo is set for secondary audio off, HDMI - LPCM. The Oppo display will show playing DTS HD MA and the D2V shows receiving PCM but as 5.1DPLIIX. Pressing select shows the correct 5.1 channels being received and outputting as 7.1.

So that means that I am in fact receiving the DTS HD MA track but in a PCM format right? When I switch to bitstream the D2V display shows DTS HD MA and 5.1DPLIIX so I want to be sure that these are effectively the same track but just determining which source is doing the decode right? I am running firmware 2.10 currently and up to date on the Oppo.


*******Sorry I accidentally started this thread, I meant to post this in the official D2V thread. If someone can or wants to delete this thread please do so.
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