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I recently bought a W7000 due to the massive discount that NCIX had here in Canada. I had been doing much research and thought that this would support my 3d and picture quality desires..

I have a very new and very expensive computer with an ATI 7970 1.4a HDMI output. It claims to even support 4k resolutions and is totally ready kick to butt in like a few years...

But all I wanted was 1080p sequential frame 3D .... With amazing contrast ratio and relatively low response time. ... Does this perhaps mean I am getting the wrong projector. I hasn't come to the store yet and I have only put down a 100 dollar deposit.

Is there a projector under 3000 dollars that does 30000:1 + , great colour results, min. 2000 lumen and 120hz frame sequential . With impressive (for a projector) response times? I have to be honest I am a wannabe gamer (barely have time) but when I have a bit of time would hate to have irritating projector performance, for this application.

It seems that maybe I should have waited a year or two still . mad.gifeek.gif

Thanks in advance to all the pros who can offer there support on the matter. I have waited for this purchase maybe I shouldn't go ahead : yes / no ?

Ohh and BTW : what about all these "3d boxes" showing up on the market like :

for example, can this make a 3d'less projector that has 5 star specs do realitivly the same thing ?

I don't care if you send me some literature to read over it's just that I have been scrambling around to find the info I need due to a boxing day purchase. I need to know ASAP, or I will be stuck with my decision.

Sincerely !