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Difference between players  

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Forgive my naivte...but what are the main differences between blu ray players? I see all these threads about different players and what not. I have a panasonic bdp 350. I have it hard wired to internet and dont play 3d.

What would I see going to a different model?
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The 350 is 2 years old. So what you get with a basic player such as the Panny 220 or Sony 390 or 590 over your 350 is faster loading times and streaming capabilities such as Netflix. Maybe also better upscaling of SD DVDs (depending on the specific player). If you go higher end such as the Oppo 103 or higher end Pannys/Sonys, you also get better audio (if you use analog audio connections), again depending on the specific player. You should post in the "OFFICIAL "HELP ME CHOOSE A PLAYER" THREAD: Can't decide? Start HERE" thread if you want to ask more about what player to get.
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OP: If you are seeking out additional suggestions on players, please post your features that you are seeking in the "help me chose a BR player" sticky thread.
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