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Fixing bottom door on Pioneer Elite Laserdisc Player

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This seems to be the area to ask questions on Laserdisc players.

I have a Pioneer LD-S2 that while the bottom door seems to "lock" (there's resistance when opening it again), it rests a bit open and there's a gap.
I'm familiar with servicing the player (a real pain but worth it) but for the life of me I can't figure out what's wrong with the bottom door.

It looks to be the same hinge mechanism as other Elite players of the era.

In trying to get a better look, after removing the two screws on the gold side panels of the faceplate they appear to be glued on quite well.
I'm afraid to pry them off and possibly bend them in the process.

The player is great condition in all other areas, just this cosmetic problem with the door has been bugging me.

Anybody ever seen this with this era of players?
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Usually you have to take the front door apart and see how bad the spring mechanism is broke that holds the door latched closed. You have to tear down the front door and be creative. Pioneer is out of these parts for this player.
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Thanks Kurtis - do you remember if the gold side panels on the faceplate are glued?
The service manual only shows the two screws but wow are these suckers stuck on.
Feel like I'm missing something.
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There are two flat screws that go flat to the gold panels. They may just be stuck after they are removed.
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Last time I needed a part for a LD-S2 pioneer had it. Same thing happened to mine and I fixed it. (sorry I don't remember exactly as it was 10 years ago) Not sure about now but they seem to have and still stock parts for it if you need it even though it is 20+ years old.
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@Kurtis - Thanks for confirming. I don't know if someone else put it on but there was an adhesive on the gold panels that covered a good portion of it. I had to carefully use a flat head to pry at it from the rear of the faceplate going top, middle, bottom a bit at a time before I could get enough leverage to pry it off all the way.

The real good news is nothing looks broken and it was just the screws that attach the door that had come loose. Very happy about that.

@virusc - Looks like the parts available on the Pioneer site is pretty thin now. I know a couple of part #'s are shared with other players and don't show up with the LD-S2 listings but those are very few. Maybe I'm just being limited to what I can view.
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