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Squeaky Theater Chairs

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I recently purchased 2 Lane Matinee/Berkline Reno chairs. They are powered, bounded leather, in a loveseat configuration. I love the chairs, but the leather squeaks when reclining and it's a bit irritating (especially during a quiet movie). Anyone else have this problem? Will using a leather conditioner help? Any other suggestions?
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Easy fix: Put a little bit of talcum powder between the seat and the arm where the leather is rubbing. The noise will go away instantly.
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Thanks Ken, worked perfectly.
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Hi Ken, is this liquid powder and a clear substance? This is a good idea but don't want white powder showing on the chairs. Have a link where I can by this? Thanks.
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Talcum powder is the same thing as baby powder that you can buy in any grocery store for a few bucks. smile.gif Just put a small amount between the seat and the arm where the friction occurs and wipe up the excess with a damp paper towel. It can be a little messy at first but it's a quick fix.
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You can also try paraffin wax
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Will try one of these remedies, thanks Ken and Roman.
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