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First off, hello, everyone! First post.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on whether or not the Pioneer VSX-521k receiver is powerful enough to effectively drive the Mirage OMD-15 floor standers as fronts in a 5.1 set up.

I know it probably isn't idea power output, however, I just was looking for affirmation that this AVR won't be clipping or otherwise severely under-powering these somewhat more hungry speakers than I usually run- I'm slowly upgrading my speaker system piece by piece.

Just want to make sure I won't be putting the speakers at risk due to underpowering them or overloading the receiver, since they are rated as 6ohm nominal (4ohm min) and slated for 25-250 watts.

Also, would there be any issues with the fact the fronts would be 6ohms resistance, while the CC and surrounds are all 8ohm?

Thanks for any input!