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RE Audio DIY HT sub anyone?

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Saw these while doing a search. The RE Audio sxx and sex models. Does any know about the quality of these subs or has anyone worked with them? I was thinking about picking up the 12's or 15's to play around with for an HT sub. Let me know your thoughts guys. Specs look good but have t seen anything here about them. Price is also pretty good. Let me know what you think
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The RE MX and XXX models were put through the ringer by Josh in the link above. I have not seen any testing done with the models you listed though. Have you tried to model either of the drivers?

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I haven't modeled yet but will later. I checked the link out and it appears the specs might not be as stated and there may be a few quality concerns. I am not looking at the high Xmax like the RE xxx that why I was looking at the sxx and sex models. Does any know of or had luck with some less main stream subs other Dayton and TC Sounds. What about FI or Obsidian. If all else fails I'll go with a dual 12" TC sounds epic enclosure with 3 ports 4" diamter tuned to 18hz but I just feels that they are overpriced somewhat. Let me know what you guys think
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Ok I've modeled the REsxx and Sex 12" models. Short skinny of it is at 4.5 cubic foot the sex version with 500w it does not preform close to the TC epic 12. Between the 20-30hz range it is about -5db less than the epic 12. I have to pump it with 900w where it hits its Xmax and am still -3db between the same range. The sxx which has a higher excursion of 22mm versus the 18 in the sex I have to pump in over 1000w and am still lacking between the 20-50hz range. It is -4db there. Modeling was done in winisd alpha. So from a pure modeling standpoint the TC epic 12 models out much better with a single driver. Modeling with a dual driver come up with similar data. The advantage i see is that the sxx model will give you much greater spl if you choose to like the 55hz and up. As far as lower end between 20-55hz the epic performs much better in the modeling than the sxx and sex models
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I have personally had great results using Fi built drivers. No idea about Obsidian drivers though.

A few important questions need to be answered first. What are your goals? What is your budget?
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Really my goals are to fill my space with some good low bass for HT use. Space is large. Approximately 20 x 25 the. This L's into another room through an archway that room is also large about 20 x 25. By budget is all over the board. So I guess it's not fixed but don't want to drop 1000-2000 on subs themselves. Heck if I could pick up 1 driver for $300 or 2 for around $300-400 I'd be exstatic. I am either looking at a dual 12 ported enclosure or a single 15 ported enclosure started looking into the DIY to keep cost down but I feel that that is not going to happen. The amp I will be using for the project will be a keiga 1000w plate amp. I have been modeling different subs for a month or so now and guess I am just looking at all option. I want to make something that is going to last for a couple years or till I get bored and want a new one. I guess I'm not looking for a "stop gap". I do have to say I came into this not knowing anything but with the input and modeling have learned a lot in that time. Sorry for the rambling but let me know if that helps.
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If you can do IB, I have two XXX18's for sale. They do well with IB installs smile.gif I know you werent looking for the 18's but in the event you change your mind, just PM me biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the offer but not looking IB and the 18's are bigger than what I'm looking to do. I'm either going 12's or 15. Thanks again though
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