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I need some help..I currently own a Yamaha HTR 5280 a real oldie! Still runs great but I would like to step up to RX V673. My current configuration is as follows. I have a Direct TV Box with HDMI connected to my Sharp 60” via the DTV HDMI to the ARC HDMI connect on the TV. I have RCA jacks from the DTV box to my receiver. I also have a Samsung Blue Ray connected directly to the TV. I have Zone 2 for my outside speakers connected to the receiver.
Here we go…my wife has never turned on the receiver for the audio in 12 years she turns the DTV remote to ON the TV comes on with the audio out of the TV simple for her and her needs.
So I don’t want to complicate her life… What is the best set up configuration to keep it simple for her?
Will I still need to use the RCA jacks for audio? Which I would prefer not to.
So would I connect the HDMI ARC on the TV to the DTV or to the RX V673 receiver? Would the Blue Ray HDMI go to the Receiver or TV?

Thanks in Advance