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JVC DLA-X9 - 4:3 full frame image possible?

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I have been wondering about something. I did a few searches but could not find anything. Is it possible with a native 16:9 Projector like the one I own to project a 4:3 image using all of the pixels of the 16:9 frame? Kind of like an Anamorphic lense but in reverse? It is not really a big deal, but my wife and I probably watch more old movies shot in 4:3 and anything else, and if it would be simple utilize all of the pixels of the projectors I would like to do it.
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There is no way to do this that I know of. Since there is very little 4:3 content you are limited to just losing pixels when watching 4:3 content. Your only option would be to buy a 4:3 projector but most of those are business projectors and couldn't compete with the JVC black level and native contrast that you wouldn't gain enough in the pixel department to compensate for the loss in contrast.

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I'll stick my hand up and say 'NO'. If you use all the pixels then the image will be 16:9 shaped so unless something is cropped, then the 4:3 image will be stretched to fill the screen making people look fat (or maybe just the edges of the picture look fat). If you used an anamorphic lens then you would use even less pixels as the lens will stretch the image wider, so the scaler would have to shrink it narrower to make it the right proportion.

Best just to add some side masking to your screen.
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Thanks for the replies. It did get me thinking, the projector does have the mode to use all the pixels as you stated, just using the stretch mode would accomplish that. Now, all I need is a lense that would squeeze the image back down to the correct 4:3 size....
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Although I'm a fan of using an A Lens which means scaling and then optically stretching, I'm not sure you'd gain anything even if you could find a lens that would do this without adding optical distortions. I think you'd have to use a 1.33x horizontal stretch scaling (like the 16:9 mode rather than a non linear expand like many 16:9 TVs do with 4:3).Then perhaps you could use a 1.33x anamorphic lens backwards, but I don't even know if this would work let alone give a good result. Given that much of 4:3 content is pretty old then the source itself may not be the best, so further scaling and optical trickery isn't likely to improve the end product IMHO, just that you'll use all the pixels you've paid for...
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