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Speaker cable preferences

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I will be buying m&k s-150 speakers with a b&K component. I am wondering what you all use for thx sound for speaker cable? I was thinking about the monster thx 14/2 stranded. i have also heard to buy something with a solid wire. I just wonder what wire everyone is using for their thx cert. systems. I have the opportunity to buy a solid speaker cable at 18 awg but not certified. I just am wondering if I should use the stranded or solid. If solid is the best to go where can I get solid for around 60.00 for about 100 ft. I like the audioquest but way to expensive. thanks!
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I actually have all stranded oxygen free wire like this that you listed ratman. it is clear outer,but i do not know if it has the enhanced loud.lol anyway it is all 12 gauge and I have banana plugs for it all. am i going too large with it being 12 gauge? i just thought maybe go with the monster thx since it will be a all thx system. it may not matter since it is just speaker wire. oh well i may be alright with what i have now. thanks for your input ratman!
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You can probably do 14 gauge unless you have long runs to the speakers. 12 gauge is a little more costly, and might be a tad harder to work with, but wouldn't have any other downside. Anything thicker might not fit your speaker posts without banana plugs.

THX cert wire... well, if you want the bragging rights of everything being THX certified, that's up to you. That's the only benefit, though. Certainly doubt it would improve the sound.

I personally think everything Monster makes is wildly overpriced (though certainly well-built) and I avoid it, no matter how much they certify it.
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thanks tulpa. i actually have longer runs.front and center 25 foot runs and rears 20 foot runs.so i should not use 14 gauge then? would i go larger than. maybe 12 gauge like i already have??thanks a lot. and i do not have that many people to brag to. smile.gif
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Only 20-25 foot? 14 gauge would be fine. I use that and my longest runs for my rears are 35-40 feet.

12 gauge would work, too, if you wanted, but wouldn't improve anything, really.
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