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Hi everyone, i got a problem with my Toshiba LED 3D tv since a few time....a month. I need to turn off and turn on the tv for change the input. Exemple: if i want to pass to the mode tv to my ps3 or my computer. I change the remote control 2 month ago and it's not that the problem because the digital control on the front of the tv don't work after a few second when i turn on the tv, same thing with the remote.And everytime i'd like to close the tv by the remote it takes a few seconds to the tv turn off. I just call the Toshiba support and they told me to download a update on a usb key. I'll do it like the instruction said but nothing change, same **** appen. That piss me off a lot now mad.gif. It is only me to got that problem with that model? I never ear that appen to somebody else. If somebody can help me i appreciate that.