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Connecting Yamaha RX-A810 and Klipsch RW-12d

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I am a newbie and looking for some assistance. I am connecting the RW-12d to my Yamaha RX-A810 receiver and I am not getting any sound from the subwoofer.
I have the RCA cable plugged in to the left on the subwoofer and in the 1st subwoofer input on the RX-A810. Turned subwoofer on and no sound. All the other speakers are working fine with the radio playing. I have polk audio TSi 400's fronts and CS10 center speakers.

Can you please assist? Any guidance would be welcomed. Thank you.
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Run YPAO and then set the front speakers to "small".
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@ Bond 007. Thank you for getting back. I ran YPAO but there was no sound coming from the subwoofer. Just got this sub from Newegg and realizing that something is loose on the inside from a rattling sound I am hearing. Looks like I will have to get this replaced by Newegg. Very frustrating to say the least.

Forgive me for the stupid question but in the interest of knowledge, how do I adjust the speakers to "small" as you suggested above?
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I have the rx-v671. Menu>Setup>Manual Setup>Configuration.
The port tube on the rw12 coming loose during shipping is fairly common and easy to fix if you want to. You may be able to reach inside and reattach it.
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Thanks will try. The major issue is that I get no sound whatsoever from the Subwoofer. It connects and the digital display is active. But I get no sound whatsoever from the sub. Thoughts?
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See my original post.
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Set to small as you suggested, ran YPAO again and there is a faint sound from the subwoofer, very faint. Still nothing when I switch to TUNER or watch a movie from the sub.
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Set rw crossover to "lfe on" (all the way up). Set 810 crossover to 80. What volume setting did you use on the rw before running yao? What volume did the 810 set the sub at? What dsp mode are you using on the 810? Make sure that ypao didnt change your fronts to large.
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@Bond 007 - Sorry for the tardy response. I want to thank you for your guidance. I now have the sub working some. Still needs some tweaking but she is BOOMING ! I will need to turn it down some because my neighbors will not be happy with the shaking. I have the LFE all the way up. I have the sub @ 80 Hz. The volume on the center, front L&R and sub are all at the midpoint. I will send you the specific settings when I am back home. Prior to this setting when I ran the YPAO I was getting a W-3 error message. There after i did the manual adjustment I mentioned above. Haven't ran YPAO since. Is there a recommended setting for the volume on the speakers and sub? Just hope I am not overpowering the speakers/sub. Again, newbie and learning as I go.
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Glad to hear you are making progress. The W-3 is a common "out of phase" error. Double check your positive and negative speaker wire connection. If it is correct then ignore the error. You want the subwoofer volume on the receiver as close to 0 as you can get. Set the RW at 0 and run ypao and see what the receiver sets the volume at. If the receiver volume is far in the negative then turn the RW volume down and run again. You may have to run it several times but it is important to get the receiver sub volume between -3.5 and +3.5. You will probably end up with the rw around -5 to -10. After you get the receiver sub volume near 0 then leave the rw volume alone. If you want to change the rw volume later then do it in the receiver. I know it sounds like a pain but it is important and you wont have to do it again unless you get another sub. The volume on the other speakers you can set however you like. Probably be best to leave them at ypao settings. Be sure that the other speakers are set to small everytime before you re run ypao.
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