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Id be interested in those wd green 3tb of yours. I just use jbod so no issues with the greens
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My buddy grabbed one saturday.

Same drive inside they sell for $299 most places.

Great deal.

$40 per GB and a huge drive.

Uses more energy than a 3TB Seagate though.

Costco also sells the same 3TB version for $120. Same cost per GB. I like the 3TB drive better. It's a 7200.14. It's a great drive.

I've bought and cracked open more than a few of those with excellent luck.

I have 7 total and none have ever given me any issues (yet)

I've removed all the green drives from my server in favor of these.

('I'll sell new unopened RMA replacements direct from WD cheap to anyone that wants them. I have a few 2TB and 3TB WD greens I RMA-ed and have not opened or used the replacement they sent me.)