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Pioneer Pro-510 OVERHEATING???

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I have a Pioneer Pro-510 HD... I turn it on and it will work for a while - then it completely (main power and all) shuts itself off and will immediately shut off again if I turn it back on. But, if I wait a while, it will run a little longer. I think something is overheating... Does anybody know anything about this????

Thank you,
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Don't watch video on it or run it at all anymore until fixed properly. This is very important - you are on thin ice and could do permanent damage to your set. Don't allow it up to cruising temp again until fixed properly. Keep it cold and unused. Preferably unplugged.

The problem is cold solder joints on your power supply board. The entire Pioneer Elite PRO 510, 610, 710 series - and the first half of the Pioneer Elite PRO 520, 620, 720 series, and their non-Elite brothers the SD 532HD, SD 642HD and half the SD 533HD and SD 643HD series - have been plagued by this problem since the sets were 4 years old. There's an incredible thread here:


on exactly what's going on with your set, and contains pictures of the actual problem, taken from boards that have been sent to me for repair. It's been going on for years, that thread currently has 96 pages.

Don't pay any attention to the solutions posted in the early days of that thread - they were incomplete, shot from the hip solutions that would prove to be potentially damaging to the set later, if implemented. Pay attention only to the much more mature solution posted in the most recent pages, which is the most evolved solution available, and completely permanent.

If you want to see what your set is really capable of, go to page 45 of that thread and scroll down until you start seeing the screenshots I have sent in from sets of your vintage that I have cleaned and calibrated in other parts of the country.

If you want to know why you should keep your set - if you have any doubts - go to this thread, entitled Don't Dump Your CRT RPTV!


You can see screenshots of my own personal CRT RPTV on page 259.

Luckily there's a fairly straightforward remedy for the situation, so your set can then go on living out its standard 20 year service life unimpeded. No you don't need a new set. That PS board simply needs the proper attention.

The permanent solution is a very comprehensive resoldering job on that board, leaving no stone unturned. I do that, for a very nominal fee, then I personally warranty that resoldering job I did to it, for life. If you are a journeyman grade soldering person who does soldering for a living, do it yourself. If not - if you're a beginner or even a relative beginner - don't even think about it. Nor should you trust most local service techs, who don't do it to the level of comprehensiveness that it absolutely requires. Way too much is riding on it! I have seen sets abandoned when the servicing tech really didn't know what he was doing and messed things up royally in there, shooting in the dark and trying this and that until it finally could not be saved. Have me do it. If you take that step now before it gets worse, I can save your set permanently.

Bobby and any other Pioneer CRT RPTV owners: Contact me and let's get your set totally reliable again, before it gets damaged. And it will. Cold solder joints are like needed dental work: they don't get better on their own. They continue to degenerate until something very bad happens, which will always wind up being much more expensive.

Mr Bob

PS - I will be in Vegas in a week for CES. Locals, let's get a beer!
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