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Ascend Sierra Towers or Older B&W Nautius 802s

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I started looking for new speakers for my Samsung 7000 series TV. It started with sound bars and progressed quickly down the black hole of better quality speakers. :-)

My budget is $5000 for a 5.1 speaker system including receiver.

I was looking at the Ascend Sierra Tower speakers for my mains with the standard Sierra center and rears. Sub TBD. While looking at this setup I fell into an opportunity to acquire an older and complete B&W Nautilus 5.1 system with 802 mains, 804 rears, matching B&W center and sub. Price is comparable for both systems. The speakers will be used for Movies and Music equally.

Am I comparing apples to apples? Has technology changed enough that the Sierras will sound comparable than the B&Ws?

For now, both systems will be driven by a Yamaha 7.1 receiver 125 watts/channel. From what I've read, this is low for the 802 speakers. Also, the 802s may be a little large for my current room but the plan would be to use the 804s as the mains and get new rears until I could use the 802s as mains.

If I go with new speakers, going with an American company is important and is one of the reasons I found the Ascend company.

Thanks for helping a newbie in advance!
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I'm voting for the B&W N802, if that is what we are talking about - the round Marlan Head? They look like the 802D, except with aluminum tweeters, instead of diamond?

I vote for that.
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Yes The B&W's are the 802n, 804n, nhtm1 center and the asw 2000 sub.
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Many B&W's are great sounding speakers, most often the only negative you'll read about them in the forums is that they're considered overpriced.

Not in this case though! At that price you could audition them and if you didn't like them easily sell them for the same amount (or maybe even more). The Ascend Sierra Towers will always be there to purchase/audition later.
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There was another forum member who went from a B&W Nautilus 802 + Nautilus HTM1 setup to the Ascend Sierra Tower setup and I believe he said that the move from the B&W's to the Ascends was a step up. The Ascends will definitely be more revealing and will have a much better top end than the B&W's, but the B&W's will have a much better low end. The Ascends would also likely have better imaging and sounds stage depth than the B&W's. If you do end up with the B&W's, I highly recommend not getting that particular subwoofer that you posted as it is a very low performer. Instead, go with either an HSU, SVS, CHT, or similar internet direct offering. If it were me, I would go with the Ascends, but honestly, you will be getting world class speakers either way.
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