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Soundbar not working.

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Hi, I'm trying to hook a Maxell soundbar to a RCA 29" Led Tv. I plugged the provided 3.5mm audio cable from the "Line in" socket of the soundbar to the PC/DVI audio socket on the back of my tv. When turning the TV on and off, I notice the soundbar input turning on and off. In the sound menu there are 6 options to choose from, with only 4 being available.

Equalizer is set to Movie

SPDIF Type is set to PCM.

Surround sound is ON.

AVC is ON.

I have a motorola Box (non HD) but I don't think that matters.

I've connected my XBOX 360 with the RWY, RGB connectors to the back of the Tv. Audio/video on tv work perfect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Also, the source is in YPbPr mode.
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You haven't provided a whole lot of information, but I guess "not working" means you're not getting any sound? Are you sure you've connected the soundbar to an audio OUTPUT on the TV? Usually, something labeled PC/DVI on a TV is an INPUT. You need to connect to either an analog (R/W RCA) audio out or to a headphone (3.5mm) output. Take a look at the back of your TV and/or your owner's manual to locate those outputs.
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Correct, I'm not getting any sound. The PC/DVI is the only plug of it's kind that fits the cord I was given. Will I need some sort of adapter?
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What is the model # of your RCA TV? Since it's a small screen size it may not have audio out. If you have the manual (to save me having to look for it and download it), look in the specs section for "connections". Does it list any audio out?
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RLED2969A. It has a "Digital Audio Out" output.

I'm assuming I need something like this : http://www.ramelectronics.net/RCA-to-one-eighth-35mm-Adapters.aspx
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I forgot to ask whether you have a source device (like a cable box) connected to the TV. If so it may have a headphone output jack which would eliminate the need for any converters/adapters.

If however, you're trying to get audio directly from the TV, you'll need a few things. Your audio out is digital coax. So first you need a coax cable with RCA connectors. If you have a yellow tip cable laying around that will work. Otherwise, you need one of these in whatever length works for you.

Next you need an adapter to go from coax to analog out.

Lastly, you need a "y" cable to go from analog to 3.5mm.
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I do have a Cable box connected to the tv.

Cable box doesn't have a headphone output jack so I'll buy the items you listed.

Thanks for your help though I appreciate it.
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