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Subwoofer help

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I am looking for some guidance on options for a new subwoofer. Hoping some of you experts can provide some options for me to explore (in Canada).

My existing system is all Paradigm - 7.1 setup - 100's on the front, with a servo 15 sub . The sub is not working very well, so its time for an upgrade. I am running the Denon AVR-4520 receiver, and I am mostly interested in movies and sports. The multi use room is large at 22 feet wide, by 30 feet deep, with ceiling sloped up to 20 feet. Main seating is about 16 feet from the tv.

Ideally, its a single sub setup due to existing room set up / wiring, etc. As for price, I have a lot of flexibility for the right sub, so maybe $2,000 - $5,000 retail.

Thank you.
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Within Canada:
- SVS PB13-Ultra, available through SVS' Canadian distributor, SonicBoomAudio.com
- a sub from Funk Audio (a well-regarded Canadian company) - say, the 18.0 or 18.0C

From the U.S. (either shipped to you, or shipped to a depot on the U.S. side of the border, from which you can pick it up):
- Rythmik FV15HP
- PSA XV-30
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