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Yamaha HTR7065 Help

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Hello guys,
I purchased this unit from Costco a few weeks ago.
I got polk audio floorstand speakers to go with the unit, a center polk audio speaker and a 12" subwoofer.
Everything seems to be working properly, my only concern, when I try and play pandora through my iphone (connected on the front usb), the pandora music never plays through the speakers; although I can see that the music is playing on the iphone.
Is this some sort of codec that I need to download? or an update?
I would like to be able to play/connect my iphone and listen to pandora.

Thanks a lot
Best Regards
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I don't think that the iPhone is programmed to output the digital Pandora stream through the connector cable like it would do with a local music file (which is how the receiver is able to play it).

Check the RX-V673 discussions to see if it's possible to have the receiver play Pandora itself; if not, you might just connect the iPhone to the receiver with a Y-cable (a low-tech option but it's guaranteed to work).
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The only reason why i know it works, its because my car stereo is able to play pandora through the USB cable. I guess im stuck with air play? Or the analog audio cable as you mentioned?
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Have you upgraded to the newest firmware and looked for the Pandora app on the receiver? I'm pretty sure it has Pandora on it. (Of course, the receiver needs to be hooked to the network for this to work.)

Otherwise, those other options might be the only way.
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