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55-60 plasma for gaming and movies

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I was dead set on purchasing a panny st in either 55 or 60 inch but it seems you cant or at least should not game on it. I currently have a panny 50pz800u that for the last few years been great for movies and gaming, i really would like to stay with a panny plasma but it has to be safe for gaming. Can you game on the new panny plasmas?
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Have been for years and my Panasonic plasma doesn't have any evidence of burn-in and that is with some embarrassing long gaming (6-7 hour) sessions of gaming. Most recently I've been playing Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2 and I could turn on my set and not see any evidence of those games.
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I also have gamed for years on a panny plasma without any burn in issues but it seems the new gen. pannys, st, gt, vt, are much more prone to ir,.........or this is what I am hearing?
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I've heard the opposite on various forums (especially NEOGAF). I guess others might know differently, but my experience and what I've read have said differently.

Regardless, Blazer1 good luck with your purchase (whatever it may be).
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If you vary you gaming you should be fine, don't of people get plasmas for gaming

I'f you only ever play one game you might have some issues, the other thing to remember is that the longer you have the TV the less of an issue it is so for the first like 100-200 hours you might wanna only game for a couple houres at a time before switching to TV or a different game.

I have had my UT50 for about a week and havent had any issues just playing like I normally do.
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Anyone with a panny st, gt, or vt do any serious gaming?

I am getting conflicting information about how the new pannys handle long gaming sessions.
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Kids game on a TC-P54S2 in the game room for hours on end on Saturday and Sundays ..i also game some on Friday nights for a few hours ...There is slight IR after hours of playing but i never notice it the next day .I used to do the scroll bar after playing but now i don't bother anymore,i still don't notice any IR the next day
I have not played on our 65GT50 so i can't comment on it
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